Prescott House Interns

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Prescott House Interns
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Meeting Information
Place: Prescott House Living Room/Office
Time: noon - 5pm daily
Contact Information
Email: House DirectorURIs of the form "House Director" are not allowed., Amy Petro-Roy: ampGE@hampshire.eduURIs of the form "Amy Petro-Roy:" are not allowed.
Signer Information
Signer 1: Liz Looker
Signer 2: Jesus Colmenares
Signer 3: Daniel Chapsky
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Nick Capell
Signer Resources
Group Account Number:
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual


Mission Statement

To serve the Prescott Housing area and the Hampshire community at large by providing safe spaces, entertaining and educational activities and events, and residential life services. We, the Interns represent the first line of defense resource for students to come to when they have problems relating to any aspect of life and study on the Hampshire campus and work to ensure that the Prescott living environment is as safe, fun, and supportive as possible.


We are located in Prescott, across from The Tavern.  Please feel free to stop by during office hours to ask for assistance or to simply visit!


We provide a variety of weekly and one-time events for the Prescott community as well as the larger Hampshire community. Weekly updates can be found on the Prescott A-List, which is located in the Prescott House Office and distributed to each Prescott mod.


As a house office, we do not have an inventory as other student groups do. However, as always, we have cleaning supplies, safer sex supplies, and toilet paper for Prescott House use.

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