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Meeting Information
Time: Wednesdays 6:00pm
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Erik Olsen
Signer 2: Sara Lawrence
Signer 3: Tzi Tzi Farmer
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Mission Statement

The ProphMCs

The ProphMc’s, originally known The Urban Word, was founded in the Spring of 2009 by Sara Lawrence, Khafre Nurse, and Dee-Dee Desir in effort to provide a voice for students who wish to express the realities of their existence and the dimensions of their identity through the medium of spoken word poetry. The Urban Word defined itself as a group that is Hampshire based yet community focused. Such community engagement was articulated through the Urban Word’s performances on and off campus in addition to fundraising, activism, and volunteer efforts. The Urban Word was a closed student group; auditions are required as a prerequisite for membership. Although the group underwent a name change, The ProphMCs still adhere to the founding principal of The Urban Word.

Joining The Group?

The ProphMCs usually host auditions during the Fall Semester, but this year, we will be hosting auditions in the Spring semester. Please be reminded before auditioning that joining the ProphMCs is a serious commitment. We strive to do more than read the things we have written but instead, create a family and support systems for members of the group.

Group Members:


  • Sara Lawrence (Hampshire College)
  • Tzi Tzi Farmer (Hampshire College)
  • Merrick Moore Fields (Hampshire College)
  • Tess Ornstein (Hampshire College)
  • Shaina Jones (Hampshire College)
  • Erik Olsen (Hampshire College)
  • Micah Isser (Hampshire College)



  • End of Fall Open Mic
  • Valentines Date Mic
  • Spring Auditions/Open Mic
  • End of Year Performance Poetry Showcase

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