Queer International & People OColor

Mission Statement:

QIPOC is a closed group for self-identified queer people of color and international students in and around the Hampshire College community. QIPOC’s work is a combination of community building and activism. We strive to create safe(r), accountable, and fully intentional spaces that value and honor our histories/herstories and our lived experiences as queer people and people of color. We reject the notions of choosing between those identities or placing one above the other.

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Although we generally act as a safer space/support group for the above mentioned sector of the Hampshire population, we are also committed to planning several events this semester, including movie screenings and hopefully trips. We will adhere to our weekly scheduled meetings unless otherwise noted.

Events Planned – F13

  • November 21st – Queertillion: Decolonize the dance floor featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx with Juliana Huxtable

Events Planned – F12

  • November 15th – Queertillion: THE QIPOCALYPSE featuring Le1f (the “Homocoming” dance)
  • November 16th – Queer Rugby Association Gala (the “Homocoming” ga(y)me)

Events Planned – S12

  • April 6th – QIPOC Block Party Featuring Heels on Wheels Roadshow and DJ Shomi Noise!

Events Planned – F11

  • November 11th – Queertillion featuring Militant Child (11/11/11)
  • November 12th – QVAG: Queer Volleyball Association Gala
  • December 4th – Burning Down the House of __________ (orchestrated by Mel Mel)

Events Planned – S11

  • April 23rd – QFAG: Queer Futbol Association Gala
  • April 23rd – QPOC Artist Shocase

Events Planned – F10

  • November 12th – Queertillion featuring THEESatisfaction (the “Homocoming” dance)
  • November 13th – QBAG, Queer Basketball Association Gala, (the “Homocoming” game)
  • December 1st – World AIDS day community outreach

Events Planned – S10

  • April 30th – QCA and SOURCE end of semester BBQ on the Library Lawn!
  • March 27th – Organized a QIPOC space and brought facilitator Ignacio Rivera to the first Five College Queer Sexuality and Gender Conference

Events Planned – F09

  • QFAG, Queer Football Association Gala (organized with the QCA)
  • Queertillion featuring MEN (organized with the QCA)

Events Planned – S09

  • Queer Community Potluck (organized with Genderqueer/TSA, The Femmepire, and Queer Jews and Allies)
  • QIPOC MIni Film Festival
  • Drag Ball Planning (With other QCA Umbrella Groups)
  • Queer Community End of the Year BBQ (With Ca$h Back)