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Queer Community Alliance (QCA)
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Queer Community Alliance
Meeting Information
Place: Queer Community Alliance Center
Time: Tuesdays at 6:00pm
Contact Information
Email: ersa@hampshire.edu
Signer Information
Signer 1:
Signer 2:
Signer 3:
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Emily Rimmer
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 659
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Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual


Mission Statement

The Hampshire College Queer Community Alliance (QCA) has two main functions. First, it acts as an umbrella for other related groups on campus, such as TSA, Aliz, and QIPOC. In this capacity, it offers meeting and event space, supports queer, trans, and gender nonconforming identities and an array of other related programming. Additionally, it operates a listerve to publicize events and current updates. Second, the QCA strives to bring the queer, trans, gender-variant, and ally communities and student populations together through meetings, as well as social and educational events. Every day students with non-traditional sexual preferences and gender identities face homophobia, heterosexism and gender policing both overtly and subtly on and off campus. By offering safe spaces, opportunities to socialize and education programming, the QCA aims to help queer and gender-variant students by fostering a sense of community, safety and pride.

QCA Resources and Information (On Campus)


  • Emily Rimmer, Director of Queer and Women Services, erSA@hampshire.edu, x5320

Nyk Lifson (they/them), Signer for QCA, ambl14@hampshire.edu

Queer Community Alliance Center

  • Queer Community Alliance, top of Donut 4, x5714

Keep up with the QCA

Upcoming Events and Programming

Fall 2012

Schmekel, Schmears, and Queers

Spring 2013

Queer Prom

The Five College Queer Sexuality and Gender Conference


Butch Brunch/Femme Lunch/Non-Binary Linner

Related Groups


Aliz is a student group for Queer Jews and Allies. We aim to provide an open space to anyone to discuss the intersection between queer and Jewish identities. We hold both social and educational events throughout the semester, some just for queer Jews, and some open to all.


QIPOC is a safe and accountable space for the LGBTQueer community of Color at Hampshire College and in the 5 Colleges. We recognise that our identities as People of Color and our Queer self are inseprable from one another, and we seek to raise awareness of this truth on campus and within the 5 Colleges. The group will primarily be asupportive space in which to dialouge with one another, provide a comfortable space, and build community. In addition to this, we wish to plan events, such as screenings, potlucks and concerts that will be open to the larger Hampshire Community.

Gender-Identity Resource Network

A group dedicated to providing resources and programs to people with marginalized gender identities on campus or who are questioning their gender identity.

Resources & Support Off Campus

Amherst College

Mount Holyoke College

  • True Colors is a student organization that provides support, activism, outreach, and social functions for the lesbian, bisexual transgendered, and straight ally population, http://www.mtholyoke.edu/org/colors/
  • Jeanette Marks House, a safe space and community center for LBTQQ students, http://www.mtholyoke.edu/org/colors/house.html
  • Systa is a confidential support group for LGBTQQ women of color. Please contact owner-systa-l@mtholyoke.edu for meetings, times, and other questions.

Smith College

University of Massachusetts

  • UMass Amherst Stonewall Center, stonewall@stuaf.umass.edu, http://www.umass.edu/stonewall/, (413) 545-4824, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2214371983&ref=ts
  • Qeshet (Rainbow) is a five college organization for queer and questioning Jews. Please contact smoser@external.umass.edu for more information.
  • Queer-E list-serv. A comprehensive guide to queer events in the Pioneer Valley and specifically within the Five College Consortium. You may also utilize this by publicizing your event. Please sign up for Queer-E by e-mail Brett-Genny Beemyn at brettgenny@stuaf.umass.edu with "subscribe" as the subject line.



  • GLBT Alcoholics Anonymous Group at St. John's Episcopal Church on Fridays at 7:30pm. (48 Elm St., Northampton)
  • Men of Northampton (MoNoho) is a social and recreational group for gay men in the Northampton area. For more information about meetings and events, please visit their website. http://www.monoho.com/home.html
  • Northampton Pride is responsible for the annual Pride march and rally. www.northamptonpride.org, info@northamptonpride.org
  • Safe Passage provides support to survivors of domestic abuse, including women in lesbian relationships. For more information, volunteer opportunities, or to find meeting times and place of support groups, please visit www.safepass.org
  • Pride and Joy is an LGBT bookstore located on 20 Crafts Ave in Northampton. http://www.nohoprideandjoy.com
  • Generation Q is a youth group and center for individuals ages 21 and under. The center has regular drop in hours. For more information, e-mail Alex at apangborn@communityaction.us
  • Diva's Nightclub, located on Pleasant St., Northampton. http://www.divasofnoho.com
  • East Coast Female-to-Male Group Meeting. For place and times, please contact Bet at betpower@yahoo.com


  • UniTy of the Pioneer Valley is a support group for transgender individuals and their friends, families, and allies. The group meets twice a month in Springfield, MA. More information can be found at their website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/unity-of-the-pioneer-valley
  • Out Now, Inc. is a youth group based out of Springfield, MA. For more information, call (800)429-9990 or outnow@rcn.com
  • Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. http://www.mass.gov/mcad


  • Queer-E list-serv. A comprehensive guide to queer events in the Pioneer Valley and specifically within the Five College Consortium. You may also utilize this by publicizing your event. Please sign up for Queer-E by e-mail Brett-Genny Beemyn at brettgenny@stuaf.umass.edu with "subscribe" as the subject line.
  • W2W Datebook is an online calendar of events in the Springfield/Northampton area for queer women. http://w2wdatebook.com
  • The GLBT Community Center Project of Western Massachusetts, Inc. is an online resource that has a newsletter, a calendar, listing of local resources, and announcements; http://www.queerhamp.org/
  • Trans-Activist Network.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/transactivists/
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