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Raphael Serota
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Hampshire Student
Contact Information
E-Mail: rms07@hampshire.edu
Residence: Iota Omega Omicron
Year of Entry: F07
Division: Division III
Concentration: Decision Making
Areas of Interest: Concision, Clarity, Balance, Synergy
Languages I Know: English
Languages I Am Learning: English
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division II: Joanna Morris, Phil Kelleher
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division III: Joanna Morris, Jay Trudeau, Phil Kelleher
School: CS
Raphael Serota is a Division III CS student, studying decision making.  His Division III project is an experimental study, "Risk and Profit," a study of decision making in situations of risk and uncertainty.

Raphael lives in a loft in Iota Omega Omicron, Hampshire's first and only fraternity.  He confidently believes that he has the greatest and best room on campus.

The following is an incomplete list of preferences, opinions, and beliefs that he holds.

  • Red is my favorite color.
  • Thursday is the best day of the week. 
  • I prefer small dogs to larger ones, and would never own a pet that weighs more than I do.
  • I like white wine more than red wine.
  • I prefer hoods over hats.
  • My favorite seasons are Spring, Winter, Summer, and Fall, in that order.
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