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Meeting Information
Place: APL Backroom
Time: Fridays at 3 pm
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Peter Thomsen
Signer 2: Keon Ruddy
Signer 3: Josie Eilertsen
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Thom Long
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 577
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Student Group Signer Manual

Mission Statement

At the root of the Hampshire philosophy is the celebrated belief in the power of collaboration. The interconnected endeavors of our community make Hampshire College a powerhouse of intellectual and creative energy. As the school continues to evolve under this philosophy, many of its spaces remain static. Our spaces must become more responsive to the dynamic needs and desires of this community.

Rehamping is a student initiated group whose goal is to involve students, faculty, and staff in the process of space-based transformations. It is our belief that on-campus spaces should reflect the needs and desires of the community as a whole. Our redesign work reflects our philosophy in that many voices are incorporated into our proposals.

This Semester (F15)

Rehamping's goal is to bring change to the campus's physical spaces, both by engaging the community and through designing and building new things. This semester, we'll be working on a variety of different projects, each of different scale and with different goals. There should be space for everyone and their various interests to find a project or two that suits them.

Some of the big things we're going to work on this semester include:

Improving Greenwich, with particular focus on making common spaces more pleasant and conducive to community interaction;
Continuing to work on the APL as a sandbox for ideas that we can use in the rest of the library, something we're doing in collaboration with the Creativity Center;
Designing and building furniture that best fits the needs and aesthetic of the Roos-Rohde House, which we'll do along with the Roos-Rohde Housekeepers.

In every project we do, there will be an element of outreach to the community. Some of our past efforts have included hanging posters, tabling in SAGA or the library, sending out Daily Digest questionnaires, and just asking our friends how they feel about different spaces on campus. These are just a few of the ways we plan on interacting with Hampshire students and faculty.

Stay Connected

Follow our blog to see current work and projects. You can also find out about the Barn Project! If you have twitter, add us: @rehamping Like us on our facebook page!

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