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Mac Version

Windows Version Caution: Does not work with 64-bit'windows.  Compatible Version coming soon.

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Revolting Vegetable Title Page

Revolting Vegetable: Carrot With A Machine Gun

Silicon Frogs is an independent project in computer game design started by David Nishball and supervised by Paul Dickson. The game itself, entitled "Revolting Vegetable" is designed in Unity and plays as a top-down shooter. 


Revolting Vegetable is a top-down shooter featuring an insane, machine gun-wielding carrot named Duke as the protagonist. Upon being unearthed (machine gun in hand) he begins laying waste to the countryside to avenge his brothers, who have been struck down by the cruel paws of the local herbivores.

Game Is Available for Download Here!



goals for week 1: Become accustomed to Unity. Playable space

  • Placeholder player. Shoots projectiles and can be controlled. Hit detection on enemies. Minor animation


Goals for Week 2:

Fix Camera to be Top-down (currently using pre-provided 3rd person character engine and camera control) (CHECK)

Finalize Carrot mesh (CHECK) and animations (CHECK). Implement animations.

Mouselook and aim.

Create particle effects. gunshots, fire, carrot juice, smoke.

Implement placeholder enemies and add basic AI. (CHECK)

Model and map first level. (CHECK)


Goals for final Week 3:

Mouselook and Aim

Implement proper collision. &nbsp;Bullets, etc.

Populate first level.<br>

Finish AI for enemies

implement UI.<br>

Project Wishlist

  • Corpses and debris will fade rather than simply vanishing.
    *Fire Breath
    *A grenade weapon that arcs upwards. (Boss?)
    *More cool enemies!?! Moose.
    *rigid physics
    *Unique Projectile animations
    *Rabbit Durp noises - activates through cheat code 'durp durp durp'





Gunshot (very &nbsp;short)

Chicken Crow

bullet impact sound (flesh and wood)

Squirrel Chatter

Rabbit Snarl

Carrot Grunt

Carrot Death sound.

Powerup Sound

Rabbit Laugh

light on machine gun when fired.


Silicon Frogs Achievements


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