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Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities is the founding coalition of the Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center. It was established in 1988 when a number of students of color and international students took over the Dakin Masters House and demanded that the Hampshire College administration take the needs and experiences of students of color and international students seriously. This takeover resulted in many institutional changes. This is one example of how SOURCE can mobilize to address students’ needs and concerns. Other initiatives for change over the years have included sharing needs and concerns with Admissions, faculty, Residential Life, the President’s Office and the Board of Trustees.



*SOURCE has developed and grown over the years into an umbrella coalition of currently nine student groups that support students of color and international students at Hampshire College:

*DIG: Supports students who identify as indigenous. (People who have been living in an aboriginal life style until the relatively near present and/or a first peoples.)

*FISH: Forum of International Students at Hampshire supports students representing a range of nationalities.

*James Baldwin Scholars: Supports current students and alumni of the James Baldwin Scholars program.

*Mixed Heritage: Supports students who identify as mixed heritage.

*PASA: Pan Asian Students Association supports students of Pan Asian descent.

*Raíces: Supports students of Latino/a descent.

*Sisters: Supports women of color and international women.

*Umoja: Supports students of the African Diaspora.

MOCA: Men of Color Alliance supports men of color and international students.

Affiliated SOURCE Groups:

*QIPOC: Queer Students of Color and International Students

  • AWAMOH: African Women and Men of Hampshire

SOURCE groups have regular meetings at the Cultural Center and organize numerous events and activities throughout the year. Each group has established group funding each semester which allows them to fully support the mission of their group. The groups often collaborate on programs and initiatives.

For information about how to get involved with a specific SOURCE group, contact the group’s signers or email SOURCE –

SOURCE Groups Coordinators

There are SOURCE Groups Coordinators who work at the Cultural Center to help coordinate the gathering of the SOURCE groups and to help foster collaboration and communication between the SOURCE groups. These coordinators also assist each group with any programmatic help they may need.

The SOURCE Groups Coordinators organize SOURCE community meetings on a regular basis each semester. These are excellent opportunities for students of color and international students to meet other students and build community; to share needs and concerns; and to problem-solve together.

A SOURCE Groups Coordinator also serves on Community Council, the campus governance body, as a liaison for SOURCE.

For more information on SOURCE, you can email the coordinators at source at or call the SOURCE phone, 559-5779.

Being Involved in SOURCE and its Groups

There are many institutional, social, and cultural barriers and experiences that are shared among students of color and international students. The student of color and international populations at Hampshire College generally comprise a small percentage of the student body. It is for these reasons that SOURCE exists. Students create a critical mass through SOURCE to provide the needed support for students’ needs and to facilitate change.

Not every student of color and international student may feel the need to become involved in SOURCE or its groups each semester. Each student’s level of participation varies. The one thing that is constant is that SOURCE and its groups are always there for whenever a student of color or international student needs them.

SOURCE Groups and The Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center

The Cultural Center works closely with SOURCE. The staff at the Center are available to help the groups with any questions they may have regarding programming, co-sponsoring events, other campus offices and groups, problem-solving, or anything else. The Center provides mailboxes for the SOURCE groups as well as file cabinet space. The Center houses many historical documents for each group as well as SOURCE documents. You can contact the cultural center at x5461,

Web Page


SOURCe History

from online archives at http://library/archives/vol3/hstudentprotests.html#dakin

20 Years Later: Commemorating the Dakin Agreement

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