Salsa Rueda and Tango Club

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Salsa Rueda and Tango Club
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Multicultural Performance F'2014 by: Juecheng Zhao
Meeting Information
Place: Music and Dance Building, Small Dance Studio
Time: Sunday 2:30-4:30
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Lenka Saldo (
Signer 2: Yue Zhang (
Signer 3: Zara Cannon-Mohammed (
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Daphne Lowell
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 703
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Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

Mission Statement

In recent years, Salsa Rueda and Argentine Tango have experienced a world-wide revival. The goal of our club is to provide people with the opportunity to learn valuable partner dancing skills and connect with each other through dance and music. The club is open to anyone and everyone, experienced or not. In addition to being extremely fun, social dancing also helps build a number of interpersonal skills, including etiquette, flirtation, and self expression. Through participation in our club, we hope that people will be able to feel more comfortable with their bodies and learn to negotiate dancing with different people, including those whom they have never met before. While dancing, people will learn to communicate through physical rather than verbal contact. We hope that the ability to interpret and react to someone else's movements will also be useful beyond the dance floor, enhancing interactions people have in everyday life. We provide weekly lessons and practices supervised by our coach, Daniel Trenner, and a small group of experienced dancers. Daniel also teaches tango for credit at Smith and Mt. Holyoke and coaches the Amherst College Tango Club.

Throughout the past semesters our club has grown significantly in the number of participants. This has allowed us to preform at a number of events and social gatherings on campus. We were also documented in a film created by Hampshire students for an introductory film class. If you would like to checkout the short documentary and some of our performances you can watch us dancing at: and (Credit for these videos is given to the person who filmed/documented and the participants.)

Have you never danced before, but have the urge to get up and move your feet? Come Join us! Everyone is is invited and we would love to have you COME DANCE!

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