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Scope Group on Academics
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Meeting Information
Location: HSU Office (Back of the APL, former Community Council office)
Days: Friday
Time: 2-3pm (End time can be stretched for discussion) [This may be subject to change]
Contact Information
Tel: N/A
Fax: N/A
Officer Information
Joseph Dromboski, Co-Coordinator
Vacant Position, Co-Coordinator
Member Information

The Scope Group on Academics is a Hampshire Student Union body dedicated to change and representation in the college's official academic policies and programs.

Minutes For First Meeting Of Academics Scope Group 9/15/14

Co-Coordinators In Attendance: Thomas McPhee Members In Attendance: Mitchel Fields

6:00pm Meeting Begun

Official advertising for this scope group hasn’t started yet, hence the minimal attendance.

Joseph was unable to attend due to a prior employment conflict.

Mitchel and Thomas went over the proposed agenda for the first meeting, and discussed methods for advertising the scope group meetings effectively. Send information out via HSU listerv, then poll all those interested in Academics about what time/day works best for them.

Mitchel made a note that work for the Scope Group should only be done during the official time. These needs to be stressed so that no one loses too much sleep/time over issues.

Create a Google Drive for the group and have a constantly edited document listing issues we have discussed and what our discussion has been (as quoted from the official notes) and then use this as a starting point for all official proposals, letters, etc.

6:30pm Meeting Adjured.

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