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Student Leadership
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Resource for Leaders, Signers, and Student Groups!
Meeting Information
Location: Hampshire Student Union Office
Days: Monday
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Contact Information
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Officer Information
Adrianna Perry, Co-Coordinator
Erika Miranda, Co-Coordinator
Member Information

About Student Leadership

Some fun things that Student Leadership does:

  • Signer Seminar
  • Hampfest
  • Resource for signers
  • Training and conferences (leadership, how to run a meeting, etc.)
  • HSU document writing
  • Hampshire College elections (such as Student Trustee Board of Trustees elections)


  • Student Leadership decided over email during Jan-Term in consultation with Coordinating Board that the HSU will become a member of the American Student Government Association (ASGA) with Josiah Litant as our registered advisor


Signer Seminar


    • all three signers for every student group must attend either Signer Seminar or a make-up session in order for their group to be allowed to receive any kind of funding.
    • all make-up sessions will be hosted in the HSU office, which is in the back of the Airport Lounge--signs will be set up for your convenience :)

Student Leadership works closely in collaboration with the Campus Leadership and Activities (CLA) office! Check out their page to see all the awesome things they do for Hampshire! [1]

Meeting Minutes

  • November 22, 2013
    • Attendance: Adrianna Perry, Emma John, and Erika Miranda
    • Discussion topics:
      • Board of Trustees timeline
        • wed march 26 posters for noms go up; finalize posters by 21 send to dup for weekend pick up monday or tuesday (nom, voting w/o candidates names and mail box stuffers)
        • nom period starts Wednesday april 2 and poster
        • monday april 7 put up posters- beth email
        • wed april 9 close noms
        • wed april 16 election opens- beth reminder email- put reminders in mail boxes
        • thursday april 17 posters for voting go up (general and with candidates names)
        • friday 18 voting booth with CUPCAKES!!! and pens or stickers (in library lobby, saga table)
        • monday april 21 voting posters up- again
        • wed april 23 beth reminder email
        • monday april 28 final poster round
        • tuesday 29 voting booth- with CUPCAKES!!! and pens or stickers (in library lobby, saga table)
        • wed april 30 election closes
        • may 16 student trustee alt ratified by board, announced to public
        • cookie voucher, voting booth and possible voting event??
        • i voted stickers or pens
        • magic board- school house rock; I'm just a bill
      • Dinner with the president cancelled for this semester
        • alternatives: lunch with josiah and pam: instead of jonathan and byron
  • February 21, 2014
    • Attendence: Adrianna Perry, Erika Miranda, Emma John, Wesley Evans
    • Discussion Topics:
      • ASGA (American Student Government Association)
      • Working on initial surveys
      • Possible DC Conference in Fall Oct 2nd-Oct 5th
      • Review Board of Trustees Timeline (see previous minutes)
      • Election Procedures
  • February 28, 2014
    • Attendence: Adrianna Perry, Erica Miranda, Emma John, Wesley Evans, Ethan Warshow
    • Discussion topics:
      • Fundcom: Make food requests
      • Tri-Council- need to find replacement for Adrianna
      • Re-rad w/ JLash
      • Discussed student roles/appointment to committees
      • What constitutes appointed/ elected role?
      • Joanna will publicize administrative committees
      • SPSC transitioning to implementation
      • How to get students on SPSC ?
      • Expected knowledge of college
      • Strong relationships w/ institutions on campus
      • Diverse perspectives
      • Committees that work well have range of ages/experience
      • Need clearer idea of what is needed
      • Paring down SPSC priorities- will be discussed later in other groups
      • Dinner w/ JLash
      • Dinner w/ HSU and JLash
      • week of April 28th except for May 2nd
      • Only availability at Red Barn is Friday.
      • Only night that works is April 27th (Day after spring jam)
    • Six Flags
      • plan to take like, 150 people to six flags
      • “So essentially the plan is this: april, right before finals, free to the first 150 people who sign up”
      • Who to bring?
      • Proposal will be brought to FundCom soon
      • catered lunch
    • Elections
      • Roll all elections into one- Proposed
      • EPC x2- 1 at large
      • BP x2- 1 at larage
      • FC x2- 1 at large
      • Tri x3- 1 at large
      • 1 at large (Coordboard Sec.)
      • Board of Trustees
      • Contact other offices to see if elections need to run for them
      • Emma will draft email
      • Possible event before election to allow candidates to talk
    • Appointment, Election, or Self Nomination/Staff Selction for committees
      • What is criteria for each?
      • Baseline standards for student involvement in committees
      • Committee chair-consult SL Scope Group for advertisement?
      • Talk to current committee chairs: Byron, Joanna, Mark, Eva, Diana?
      • Standardized Election Guidelines
  • April 4th, 2014
    • Attendance: Adrianna Perry, Ethan Warshow, Emma John
    • Elections:
      • To Do- posters!
      • Fundcom positions will be elected
      • No election fund cap, but use common sense
      • Highly encouraged, but NOT required to be an on-campus resident to run for elections. Only BOT student alternate position is required.
      • What sort of probation/ disciplinary actions will bar candidates?
      • Election dos/don'ts email


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