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Meeting Information
Place: Spiritual Life Center (top of Donut 5 in Greenwich)
Time: This club is no longer active
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Signer 1: Will Shattuc
Signer 2: Porter Fitch
Signer 3: Jacob Ehrlich
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Shamanism Studies was active for the year of Fall 2011 but is no longer active. Feel free to contact Will about further information.

Mission Statement

We hope to bring together people to explore the creative capacities of the mind in creating its own universe. This is a community wherein we are able to give validity to the imagination and symbols of the unconscious mind. We do this by way of shamanic journeying, sharing our experiences, and creating kinship with others and ourselves and anyone else who wants to be included.

Our group will focus on the practice of a form of meditation that has been used in every culture in some form or another. We seek to study our own individual spirituality while functioning as a center for healthy spiritual practice and as a place where others can talk about their experiences and concerns. We will hold weekly mediation groups and may organize other meetings on a case-by-case basis, including taking a trip to a local shamanic center.


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