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Hamp History

Meeting Information
Place: FPH 107
Time: Sundays at 7:00p.m.
Contact Information
Email: fga15@hampshire.edu, elj13@hampshire.edu
Signer Information
Signer 1: Lily Cook
Signer 2: Frank Anthony
Signer 3: Madison Reid
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Jimi Jones
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 675
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

The Hamp History is a Student group at Hampshire that promotes, documents, and advocates for awareness about the history of Hampshire College


Mission Statement

Although Hampshire is a young school, it has a rich and unique history of activism, innovation, and collaboration. The Society for Hampshire History sets out to look back on the history of our school in hopes of better understanding of Hampshire in the present and future. We hope to bring awareness to the Hampshire community about our past and how it affects us now. By having weekly meetings, hosting events, and participating in community outreach we intend to enlighten students, staff, and faculty on the importance of knowing how our school came to be and furthering the Hampshire philosophy. In addition, we will work to preserve the current state of Hampshire College, by interacting with and documenting the work of student groups, divisional work, faculty and alumni projects, and campus events. We also work with the Hampshire College Archivist to curate the Div III showcase, and work in the archives. We believe that the promotion of the Div III showcase as a method for research for academic studies and the sharing of knowledge is an important aspect to living in a exciting academic community such as Hampshire. The Society sponsors events and initiatives like: screening alumni work, connecting current student’s interests with past divisional work, holding discussions about Hampshire philosophy, panel discussions with members of the Hampshire Community about its founding, and being active in the ongoing documentation of the evolution of Hampshire College.

Our Projects

Curent Projects

  • Hampshire Oral History Project
  • Haunted Hampshire?

Past Projects

  • HampHistory Trivia Night

Potential Projects

  • Race and Cultures at Hampshire
  • A history of Hampshire Activism
  • Making Archival resources visible




  • Hampshire History Museum: November 29th at 6:30pm
    • With special guests Senior Associate Dean of Students Josiah Litant F00 and the first College Treasurer Kenneth Rosenthal 
  • Celebrating the Div III Showcase (May 14th, 2013)


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