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Sports Co-op
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Meeting Information
Place: RCC
Time: variable, depending on teams, coach schedules, etc - contact advisors Troy Hill or Amanda Surgen @ RCC for more information
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Natalie Strohm
Signer 2: Harry Levenson
Signer 3: Madi Chassin
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Troy Hill
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 666
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

Mission Statement

Hampshire’s Sports CO-OP was established as a student group to organize funding of the team sports played on this campus. Sports are an important part of Hampshire life. They provide unique opportunities for students to have fun, release energy and stress, stay fit and participate in a shared community. Sports also promote contact with other colleges through meets, tournaments and games. The sports teams have added to the Hampshire campus a sense of community and have given many students the opportunity to find others that have common interests such as health, wellness and good academic standing.

Currently there are 6 teams with active representatives who are to receive funding:

Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Men's Soccer
Women's Soccer
Cross Country

In order to participate in the above sports ,equipment ,uniforms ,entry fees and other itemized expenditures are needed. The co-op requests modest proposals from each team based upon past spending and future needs. The co-op has never and does not currently receive any funding other than from the funding cycle.


Game-Quality Basketballs: 4 Men's (need 14 total), 10 Women's

Home Basketball Uniforms: 14 Men's, 14 Women's

Away Basketball Uniforms: 14 Men's, 14 Women's

Home Soccer Uniforms: 25 Men's, 25 Women's

Away Soccer Uniforms, 0 Men's (Need 25), 0 Women's (Need 25)

Usable Soccer Balls: 8 (Need 24)

Cross-Country Uniforms: 5 Men's, 5 Women's

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