Staff Associated with the Academic Schools

School of Cognitive Science

  • Wm. Josiah Erikson, Computing Support

School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

  • Larry Berger, Technical Coordinator/Music and Dance

School of Interdisciplinary Arts

School of Natural Science

  • Chelvanaya “Naya” Gabriel, Lab Manager and Greenhouse Supervisor
  • Sarah Steely, Lab Technician

School of Social Science

Staff Associated with the Office of the Dean of Faculty

Staff Associated with the Office of Dean of Students

  • Renee Freedman, Senior Associate Dean of Students for Residential Life
  • Josiah Litant, Assistant Dean of Students for New Student Programs
  • Pam Tinto, Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Leadership and Activities
  • Bob Garmirian, Director of OPRA
  • Carin Rank, Director, Career Options Resource Center
  • Sara Aierstuck, Director, Health Services
  • Stephen Klein, Associate Director, Mental Health Services
  • Liza Neal, Director of Spiritual Life

Staff Associated with Media Services

  • Matthew Newman-Long, Media Services Assistant
  • Neil A. Young, Media Services Coordinator & Advanced Media Manager
  • John Gunther, Advanced Media Specialist
  • John Bruner, Advanced Media Specialist

Staff Associated with IT

  • Jeff Butera, Associate Director of Information Technology for Applications and Web Services
  • Sarah Ryder, Senior Web Programmer
  • Wm. Josiah Erikson, Assistant Director of IT for Infrastructure and Communications Systems