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There are 3 ways to travel abroad:

Exchange Programs.

Several Hampshire Exchange Programs run each semester. There programs have either by designed by Hampshire faculty or were created through an affiliation with an academic institution. With approval from your committee and/or advisor, your enrollment in semester exchange will be accepted as a substantial part of your divisional work and counted as if you had been at Hampshire for a semester. 

Finances: Students who participate in a Hampshire -sponsored (exchange) program are charged Hampshire tuition for that semester. Room, board, and other fees vary by program (visit  the GEO website or talk to the Global Education Office staff for details). The mahority of your financial aid package applies ot these fees, and most program expenses are covered for you. (You should NOT expect that you would recieve the same amount in financial aid as in previous semesters, because your financial aid package must be reevaluated. Student Financial Services can give you further details about this process). Stravel stipends may be awarded to offset the cost of airfare. Passports, visa, books and spending money are the responsibility of the student.

Field Study

All other semester programs fall into the Field Study category. Students work with their faculty committee to devise a Field Study (international or domestic) most applicable to the student's concentration. This may mean enrollment in an overseas university or with a study abroad program provider. It might also take the form of a self-designed semester of field research or internship. Academic credit will apply to your course of study; however, your committee and advisor's consent is still necessary. The GEO offers advising and resource support to assist students in identifying international Field Study opportunities.

Finances: Students are responsible for a Field Study Fee equivalent to one-third of a Hampshire semester's tuition (refer to Student Financial Services for current fees), plus the cost of your program of interest. Hampshire issued aid is applicable to the Field Study Fee, but cannot be used to cover outside program fees. All other aid (state, federal and/or private) is transferable, but you should check with your program provider for details regarding what types of aid they are able to accept.

January Term Trips


Short-Term Field Courses

Hampshire offers a number of Short-Term Field Courses each year that vary in location, level, and academic content. These courses are designed and led by current Hampshire faculty, and offer students the opportunity for off-campus study and research either elsewhere in the U.S. or abroad. Field courses are generally 1-4 weeks in length, and they vary each year. Previous field courses may or may not repeat in future years.

Short-Term Field Courses are open to all Hampshire and Five College students in good academic standing and who qualify for specific course prerequisites.

Hampshire students interested in general information regarding January Term should visit the January Term Program Page.

Five College students interested in applying to a January Term Field Course should visit January Term Registration for more information about eligibility. If you are a Five College student interested in applying to a May Term/Summer program, please contact the Global Education Office well in advance of the application deadline. Five College students are reminded that they are subject to each individual institution’s policies and registration procedures.

How to Apply
Each Short-Term Field Course has its own application instructions, deadlines, and prerequisites that are listed on each course's webpage. Please select the term for which you are applying (January Term 2010, May/summer 2010), and then select the field course you're interested in.

Field courses currently or previously offered may or may not repeat in future years.

Financial Aid
Students who receive financial aid from Hampshire College are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the Global Education Office to offset program costs. Awards vary from year to year and are dependent on the number of applicants and the amount of aid available. Eligibility for financial assistance does not guarantee that aid will be awarded. Please indicate your eligibility and desire to apply on your application form.

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