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Meeting Information
Place: Center for Feminisms
Time: Social meetings are at 5:00pm on Fridays, there are organizational meetings prior to these meetings at 3:30pm on Fridays
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Danny Risatti
Signer 2: Jesse Ide
Signer 3: B Corfman
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Emily Rimmer
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 678
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual


Mission Statement

The TSA is in the process of changing its name to the Gender-Identity Resource Network ("Grin") and a new mission statement is upcoming

Format of Grin

Grin is a resource hub through which programs and events can be sponsored. The signers hold open organizing meetings where programs are planned. The signers + whoever shows up to organizing meetings are Organizers. Organizers either bring programs forward for the sake of organizing them or Organizers come up with programs together and organize them. This format allows ongoing non-temporal programs to continue existing without relying on regular attendance or use of other programs.

Current Programming

We are currently working on the following programs

Gender-Identity Social Space

Fridays at 5pm, after our weekly organizational meeting, we have a space in the CFF alternating between a social drop-in space and planned workshops or other events. Attending the organizational meeting is not mandatory to attend the social space.

Campus-Wide Events

We're currently working on getting 2 campus-wide events.

One of them is a screening of Wandering Son

The GARB Program

GARB stands for Gender Affirming Regalia Box. It is a box kept in the Center for Feminisms by the student worker's office, across from the bathroom. It is a large locked box containing donated clothing. Anyone with the keycode can exchange their used clothes for clothes in the box. So for instance, if someone has some dresses they never wear anymore, they could exchange them for some pairs of jeans. It is intended for help wardrobe transitioning and to help people acquire clothes for exploring gender presentations. The whole box is an honor system.

To get the code for the lock, simply ask any signer or attend any GRIN meeting or event. You will be given the code, no questions asked. The lock is simply to discourage strangers from taking all of the clothes without putting anything in. You do not have to be currently transitioning to use GARB.

Listserv & Facebook Group

Grin has a listserv! You should subscribe to it! Anyone can use this listserv to advertise or ask for resources. It is a communication network! Email to send emails to the listserv! If you're comfortable with it, you can also join our Facebook Group for all the same great stuff as the listserv but in facebook group format!

Links to Resources!

We will post links to permanent resource pages here when we make them them

Health Care

Patricia Jenkins is a therapist in Northampton who specializes in gender issues, working more specific with trans feminine spectrum people.

Baystate Health Transgender Services Aleah Nesteby is a Nurse Practitioner who is a gender specialist. She can prescribe hormones as well as be your regular doctor. She has offices in Northampton and Springfield. She has a two-year waiting list for new patients.

The Fenway Health Tollfree Listening Line is a hotline run by Boston-based Fenway Health Center, an LGBT health center based in Boston.

Gender 101

Really cute comic explaining the basic of gender identity

Other Cool Stuff

How to Apply Winged Eyeliner With A Spoon

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