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Place: TBA
Time: Fridays 5-7PM
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Advisor name: Djola Branner
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Mission Statement

The Theater Collective is a theater students skill/training development group. We are theater artist and theater students. We are committed to providing space for students to workshop work, share skills, and form collaborations. As a group, we will read plays, read theater skill books, run student-based theater skill workshops,host table reading of students plays, and bring in professional theater people. At the end of each semester, our group will put up a collective production. This product will be low budget, and will require limited rehearsal time. The purpose of our group is to provide a space for theater student outside of the classroom and the realm of major productions. We hope to encourage more collaboration and to help students to continue developing their craft and studies before mounting productions. We believe that there are more opportunities for theater students that are not yet being realized. This group will provide the space for realization.

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