Timber Framing

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Timber Framing
Meeting Information
Type of Activity: Building Project
Term(s): F09
Place and time: Outside in Enfield; time TBA—Please contact the facilitator if interested
Email(s): bho05@hampshire.edu
Box(es): 1143
Approved?: true
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Description: A few interested students will help to construct a timber frame community space in Enfield. The main work will be planning, cutting, and raising the frame. Also involved will be a brick bread oven, finish and roofing on the frame. Other possible activities include learning about native trees and wood, and learning to care for and use hand tools in woodworking. Limited to a small number of students.

Facilitator Biography: I will be a final semester Division III; my Division III is entitled "Simple Craft" and I am focusing on woodworking. I have done much woodworking and building in my life and at Hampshire, and will be taking a full summer apprenticeship in the craft of timber framing, starting in May.

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