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Meeting Information
Place: Music and Dance Building
Time: Mondays at 4pm
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Signer 1: Deja Carr, drc14
Signer 2: Lena Abraham, laa14
Signer 3: Jake Lichter, jael13
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Group Account Number: 700
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Student Group Signer Manual

Vibe seeks to creates live music opportunities on campus and tries to network musicians. Please be in touch about booking your band or if you're interested in helping us organize musicians, we have opportunities for volunteering including CEL-1 students.'


Mission Statement

Vibe aims to plan live acoustic and amplified music shows for the Hampshire community that are diverse in genre, and also support women/queer people/people of color. Our objectives are to support Hampshire musicians as well as other five college bands and musicians. Also, to financially support local bands or bands that are touring through the valley. We hope to provide a network of support for musicians from the five colleges, the greater western mass music scene, and bands from other surrounding music scenes.

We expect our group members to attend shows, help take out equipment, run live sound, and help break down and clean up everything once a show is finished. Our goals for every show is to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe at our shows and to ensure everything runs smoothly so that everyone can have fun!

We plan shows in a number of on campus venues such as the the Dining Commons and the Red Barn. Through our alliances with the Roos-Rohde Housekeepers and the Arts Exposure Committee we also book shows in spaces like the Roos-Rohde House and the Prescott Tavern. We also welcome the opportunity for other student groups to work through us and ask for any help they may need in setting up a live music event.

Show Signup

VIBE Upcoming Events

February 19th Chasma, Sensitive Inner Thoughts, Farm Boys, Scent

February 27th Twins of Eldorado, Wendy Alembic, Listening Woman, and Liam Birkerts and Jack Corcoran

March 10th The Ladles, Mia Friedman, Izy Coffey-Moore, Gray Schilling

March 26th Mannequin Pussy, Beverly Tender, Orafist

VIBE Event Calendar

Previous Concerts:

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