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Vivek Bhandari

Contact Information


Office: n/a
Office Hours: n/a
Home Page: [[home page::[2] Vivek's Webpage]]
Academic Information
Position: Professor of History and South Asian Studies

School: [[with school::School of Social Science]]
Graduate Alma mater: St. Stephen's College



Vivek was an Associate Professor of History and South Asian Studies in the School of Social Science at Hampshire College until 2007, when he moved to Gujarat, India to head IRMA.

His areas of specialization are social history, political and cultural theory, and the study of modern public culture. He has conducted research on the historical impact of print in South Asia, and is generally interested in the relationship between “modern” forms of knowledge and the construction of sociopolitical identity, especially as it pertains to democratic practices and institutions.


Courses at Hampshire College


Modern social history, South Asian history, theories of nationalism, comparative world history, historical sociology, political economy, colonialism and empire, post-colonial studies, cultural studies, agrarian history, public culture, print culture, critical and social theory, peace studies, social movements.

Current Projects

  • Closely associated with the Global Migrations Program (established in 2002), a college-wide initiative funded by the Christian Johnson Foundation to rethink old cold war paradigms of knowledge and citizenship in light of the unprecedented movements of persons across national and cultural borders that characterize our globalizing world. The program seeks to develop new curricular initiatives that are responsive to these transnational, multicultural movements and the conflicts over identity, belonging, and citizenship to which they give rise. I was director of the program last year.
  • Co-founded the Hampshire College Center for the Book (in 1998), a collaborative effort to study the production, dissemination, and consumption of texts. Cross-disciplinary in its agenda, the Center conducts faculty seminars, exhibitions, and courses on the art, history, and future of texts. At the most fundamental level, these activities address the nature of textuality, and the future of sociopolitical and cultural structures in an era of digitization and electronic media.

Recent Scholarship

  • Have completed an entry on Indira Gandhi for the International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, 2nd Edition, to be published by Macmillan, USA.
  • Have recently completed an essay on how liberal notions of public/private space shape institutions of civil society in postcolonial nation states. The article shows that in India, "multiple publics" play the role of "counterpublics," and these, in turn, have a profound influence on the nature of citizenship and civil society. It has been published in the journal Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, 26, 1, pp.36-50, published by Duke University Press.
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