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Yellow Bike
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Yellow Bike

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Meeting Information
Place: Between Merril and Dakin Livingrooms
Time: Saturdays 1-5
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Signer 1: Sarah Roberts
Signer 2: Hester Tittmann
Signer 3: Eby Marsh
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=== Mission Statement ===
Yellow Bike is a community bicycle program. Yellow Bike takes old donated bikes, fixes them up, paints them yellow, and releases them onto campus. The yellow bikes are created with the intention of being used as well as maintained by the entire Hampshire community. In order to do this Yellow Bike holds weekly meetings where the basics of bike maintenance are taught. Yellow Bike counts on members of the community with bicycle maintenance experience as well as those with no bicycle maintenance experience to come to Yellow Bike and share their knowledge with each other in order to create an environment of collaboration, understanding, and respect for different kinds of knowledge. We strongly encourage people with little or no experience with bike repair to come to Yellow Bike. Our vision is for Yellow Bike to be a place for learning, sharing, collaborating and creating. Plus a campus full of Yellow Bikes is a beautiful thing.

Remember Yellow Bike cannot happen without you! Yellow Bikes are made by the Hampshire community for the Hampshire community! Please join our listserv to receive Yellow Bike emails.

We meet Saturdays from 1:00-5:00 pm  between the Merril and Dakin living rooms under the Linda Mollison Pavillion or in the basement of the Merrill living room.

All are welcome, the less experience the better!!!

Ride Safe, Ride Yellow