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 Yggdrasil in the Skunk Ape Moment (also known as Yggdrasil in the Skunk-Ape Moment or Yggdrasil IN the Skunk Ape Moment or Yggdrasil IN the Skunk-Ape Moment and formerly known as Yggdrasil and the Skunk Ape Moment or Yggdrasil and the Skunk-Ape Moment) is a hampshire-based electric free-improv musical ensemble. The constituent members are Evan Strauss, Morgan Greenstreet, and Michael Beggs. Performances by this group may be viewed in the context of performance art, though any performance art aspects are generally side effects of the drastic requirements of making this type of music. Instrumentation includes (though changes from performance to performance) Morgan Greenstreet: Drums, Flute, Overtone Singing, Noise; Evan Strauss: Electric or Electro-Acoustic Bass, Singing, Noise; Michael Beggs: Trumpet, Trombone, Kaoss Pad, Singing, Noise. Generally, the ensemble plays one song per performance, which may last from under thirty minutes to an hour and a half. Performances often end with some kind of droning and repeated endings, or not.

Important Information

Yggdrasil in the Skunk Ape Moment backwards is Tnemom Epa Knuks eht ni Lisardggy

Key Works

A compilation album of the 2008 and beyond works by YitSAM is currently in production. It will be called "A Skunk Ape is Born" Songs in this Album will include "In the Favorable Month of the Male Earth-Rat," "Naima," "Why, Sam?" "A Skunk Ape is Born," "Welcome to the Moment," and the undeniable masterpiece, "Hunger".

More Important Information

If a skunk-ape falls in a forest, and no one is near to hear it, does it still collect insurance?

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