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Place: Kiva
Time: Friday, 5pm
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Signer 2: Jeff Deutch
Signer 3: Cabbage
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Hampshire College Zine Collective is a group that works on campus and in the larger zine community to promote zine culture, learn about zines, produce zines, and distribute zines.

The Zine Collective works on collaborative projects from time to time, producing collaborative zines. The Zine Collective shares work between members and helps to critique or edit the work.

The Zine Collective is the unofficial curator of the Hampshire College Zine Collection. In the Fall of 2007, they were finally able to reorganize the Zine Collection in the library, which had been trapped in a filing cabinet for many years. They acquired magazine racks and moved the whole collection to the second floor of the library.

The Fall of 2007 is also when the zine collective added many new titles to the collection.


The Zine Collective's first meeting of the semester will be on THIS FRIDAY, February, 26th at 5PM in the Kiva / third floor of the library. We will be deciding on a regular meeting time there. Check back on our hampedia page, or e-mail jsd07(at)hampshire(dot)edu to get on the mailing list.


zines are not blogs - a short about the importance of zines in a digital culture.

zinelibrary.info - Lots of zines which can be viewed online or printed

Wikipedia Article - Great summary and introduction to zines.


The Hampshire College Zine Collective was responsible for the acquisition of the majority of Zines in the Zine Library on the second floor of the Hampshire Library. (others were accepted through donation throughout the years). This semester, the zine collective is working on listing, organizing, and digitally archiving all of these zines.

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