A defining decade for the modernization of agriculture

Life has taught me that in negative situations there are always positive factors and that it is on those that we should focus. Covid-19 brought the whole world an unexpected economic and social crisis with incalculable consequences, to which the European Union reacted by presenting a solution with a lot of money. Agriculture in Portugal did not stop and demonstrated to the Political Power, the Banks and the Citizens that it is a sector capable of withstanding crises and that, despite all limitations, increased exports in 2020. This is a positive factor that no one can forget in the future!

Demonstrating organizational capacity, strategy, and ambition, CAP presented (before any other social partner) a contribution for the re-launch of the Portuguese economy that it called Ambition Agro 2020-30. The presentation was attended by the highest figures of the State and several ministers, with the presence of the Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, a clear confirmation of the importance of agriculture in the Portuguese economy. CAP’s contribution fits in the “Strategic Vision for the Recovery Plan 2020-2030” presented by Dr. António Costa Silva (also present) which resulted in the Recovery and Resilience Plan that the Prime Minister delivered in Brussels on October 15th.

CAP’s document does not address any particular agricultural activity, preferring to highlight horizontal actions that if implemented will promote sustainability, innovation and exportation in the agricultural sector.

CAP hopes that the funds that will be made available in the next decade will take into consideration Agriculture and the Rural World, and will not be applied in an electionist logic (more people, more votes), but in a logic of sustainability, of balance of the territory in productive infrastructures, so necessary for the consistent development of Portugal.

Despite the difficult moment we are going through, the perspectives for the coming years are positive, because they are capable of creating a more technological, more sustainable, and more competitive sector that will help bring and keep young people in the rural world. This is the time to restore dignity to the farming profession.

Luís Mira

General Secretary of CAP